Welcome to the 3rd round of the freestyle frisbee beach tournament on 06.—07.01.2024 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. We’ll play pairs, mixed pairs and co-op. Saturday and Sunday will be the main tournament days last time jammers stayed for more than 3 months).

TL;DR, your checklist:

Meet y’all for a wonderful frisbee retreat between the years. The island awaits you. For a bit more context, read on…


To get updates during the event and feel free to join our telegram channel. Get latest announcements and get in touch with other jammers.


Book your flights better earlier than later. Currently there are some cheap direct flights from all major cities in Europe. Especially for those who are a little more flexible on their dates of arrival and duration of stay. Check out Google Flights or Momondo to get your flight. If you need any help on your travel plans, please reach out!


Gran Canaria is packed with beautiful options for different travel budgets. To minimise the amount of travel on the island during the tournament it’s recommended to look at Airbnb for apartments that are close to the jam spot.

For those who are interested in a longer stay, feel free to reach out to exchange some tips and location tips. The island has a range of unique remote locations to offer which are worth spending a couple of extra days to disconnect.

Also the interest for longer term stay. Other jammers are as well. Use the telegram chat to organise yourself or ask me for any info.


In January Gran Canaria has an average of 8 hours of sunshine in the air as well as in the water. The wind is decent with an average of 10 km/h. It can also reach more than 20 km/h. The sun rises at 8AM and sets around 6PM.


The Playa de las Canteras is located in Las Palmas. A 4 km long city beach with a flat entrance. Beside jamming it invites for long beach walks and catching waves. The paseo provides spotlights that illuminates the beach during the night. So jams are possible 24/7. We’re also able to choose from a variety of beaches depending on the wind directions.


This year we will orient around the ocean tides schedule. This way we can ensure to have a decent hard pack during the tournament and provide the best jamming conditions to you.